Top features

In-frame electrical harness

The lighting and power harnesses have been concealed inside the frame profiles. This eliminates the possibility of them being torn or damaged and extends their durability.

High quality tires

All of our trailers have the same type of pneumatic tires, the same size (22x11-8), and we have used identical rims. No matter which trailer version you choose, you can feel safe!


The frames are made of steel with increased corrosion resistance. The main protection is a high-temperature galvanizing process (620°C), which is then coated with powder paint. 

Unified wheel hubs

Wheel hubs have also been standardized. All of our trailers use the same hubs regardless of the number of wheels or their intended use. You can easily transfer them between trailers you own. 

Easy mounting

For mounting BaseXtensions, we use two types of pins. One type provides very fast installation, while the other type is expandable, eliminates any play, and is screwed in place.

Drawbar support

The tongue support protects the hitch and plugs from dirt and enables easy loading when the trailer is detached. The support keeps the cargo box parallel to the ground.

7-Pin socket

The base platform has a power outlet for lighting in the European system, 7 pin. Extensions are connected to it. To connect the trolley to the quad, we will use a plug of your choice.

Swingarm pin and bearings

The material used has a piston pin hardness and a perfectly smooth surface. It can work with both IGUS bushings in standard and needle bearings as option. The 38mm diameter pin ensures high load capacity and eliminates any clearences.

Mounting points

We have created many additional equipment mounting points. Some are already in use today, while others are prospective and intended for enclosures that will be built in the future.

Adjustable hitch height

The trailer hitch coupler can be mounted both from the bottom and the top of the tongue profile, allowing for adjusting the height to match the hitch on your quad and ensuring the cargo box is level.

High power socket

For charging the Power Pack and powering additional equipment, we have used the JD 3Pin connector known in the agricultural industry. It provides a maximum of 25A, which gives huge powering capabilities.

Double frame

The core of the BasePlatform consists of two parallel steel profiles. They provide many options for mounting extensions, adjusting the length of the trailer, and stiffness of the structure.